Chile Agility
Welcome to Chile Agility!
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Chile Agility
P.O. Box 760
Sandia Park,
New Mexico
Our philosphy is simple: SAFETY FIRST is FUN...
...for both members of your team. We offer a punishment-free environment in which to learn and grow.

Chile Agility offers:

- private consultations
- errorless beginnings
- how to "cross-over"
- behavior analysis
- problem solving
- individualized training plans
- junior handlers

Other services upon request.

Leonore Abordo has lived with dogs for more than 25 years, and has been helping people train their dogs for the past three. An approved CGC evaluator, she's a member of three agility clubs and is involved in herding, tracking, rally obedience, therapy work, and agility.

Leonore continues to hone her skills, never missing an opportunity participate in behavior and agility seminars. She has recently studied under Suzanne Clothier, Jo Sermon, Nancy Gyes, Linda Tellington-Jones, Wendy Pape, Pat Hastings, Kathie Leggett, and Helix Fairweather. Learning from the best teachers and thought leaders in dogs, she brings innovative, effective and compassionate techniques to her students.
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